America Is Good

These times are trying but there is still plenty of cause for hope.

Like most American millennials, I grew up in a family that belonged nominally to one party but that could hardly be described as ideological. Politics were discussed only in broad platitudes: “we’re for the regular people,” “we’re for fairness,” “we’re for honesty.” Back then, these generic mantras could have been repeated just as easily and earnestly by any nominally Republican family as by my nominally Democrat one. It all seems impossibly quaint from our Trump-era perch, but the lines dividing one side from the other were mostly fuzzy and indefinite — directional rather than decisive. As a result, as far as most average people were concerned, political discourse was an inconsequential yawn paid attention to only in spurts when the evening news made sensational stories out of things like Giant Sucking Sounds and everyone’s favorite President-intern affair.

Belvedere, Illinois. 2016

Photographer. I spend my days on the road thinking about design, architecture, culture, America and the dark side of innovation.

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